NVIDIA Developer Data Loading Library (DALI)

PyTorch DataLoaders implemented with DALI for accelerating image preprocessing

DALI control gear - immediate dimming: HOT(3/7) › DALI arc power levels range from 1-254 › BCCU dim levels range from 1- › Dimlevel[] is a look-up table (LUT) which converts DALI arc power level to its equivalent BCCU dim level - LUT is automaticallyThe DALI REP LI repeater lets you expand your DALI light control system by 64 ECGs each time, and extends the DALI line by 300 meters. It also gives you TouchDIM control of 64 DALI ECGs, and has a maximum power input of 4 W. ECGs connected to the repeater operate as a group, and the unit is cascadable and DALI addressable.®SPECIFICA AL Page ob Name: ob Number: Model Numbers: HomeWorks QS LQSE-2DAL-D DALI ® Power Module f 3 09.24.19 161.7 mm (6 3⁄8 in) 60.6 mm (2 3⁄8 in) 500- Rev.B N Z096 89.7 mm (3 1⁄2 in) DA 1 DA 2 NEC ® Class 2 NEC ® Class 2.